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I do my best to keep my wedding prices affordable. I’m recently married myself, and I know how pricey it can get. I offer discount and packages too, if you’re really on a budget.

A normal wedding, which is eight hours of shooting plus eight hours of editing, is £700. (I spend another 8-12 hours editing, which people tend to forget!)

Scroll down for further packages and discounts.


Wedding photography discounts

I offer a £50 discount if your wedding is in London, and another £50 discount for weddings that take place on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, and another £50 discount if you’re getting married beetween December and April (you can triple up, if you’re getting married on a weekday in London in the winter).

Budget wedding packages

If you don’t want me for a full day, no problem! If you want to book me for four hours, that’s £350 (no discounts on this one, sorry!).

How many photos do I get?

For eight hours of shooting, you’ll normally get about 400 photos. For four hours, it’s about 200 (can be a bit less, depending on what bit of the day you get me in for).