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Traditional or reportage or fine art or documentary? Here's our guide to wedding photography types.

You've recently become engaged to be married? Congratulations. This starts months of preparation and planning, enthusiasm and anxiety. (Sorry.)

Once you have set the date and agreed on a place, the odds are you'll start your search for a photographer to document the day. But what type of photography would you like?

We've assembled a style guide for various genres of wedding pictures which you may encounter on your search or provide you a clearer idea of where to start. The one with the proper portraits - Also called traditional wedding pictures or classic wedding pictures or formal wedding pictures - When people of a certain age and people not of a specific age, but people who've only ever been subjected to their grandparents or parents wedding albums think of wedding photography, then this is what they generally envisage.

These are the officially posed portraits of the wedding couple, then the bride along with groom flanked by her along with his parents, the parents and the grandparents, next comes the parents and the siblings, followed by the parents, grandparents, and grandparents, and there will most likely be extended family shots, also, until eventually you are all called in a huge group shot six yards which includes everybody present at the marriage.

Yes, this is a contemporary version of a proper group shot, but you get the idea. - They may take a very long time to shoot along with the groom and bride are often keeling over out of thirst along with hunger with the end of them, but they are what is associated with wedding photography.

The one using all the candid shots - In addition known as reportage, documentary wedding photography, or photojournalistic wedding photography - as opposed to spend hours organising the bridal party and wedding guests to lines using more efficiency than a German mill foreman, documentary wedding photographers are far more like snipers.

Unobtrusive, they blend in, shooting undetected and capture the moments from a wedding day which may otherwise be forgotten or missed. And romantic. Those are the types of pictures which will see the groom and bride shine as stars in the deliriously wonderful film of their love affair.

The one that is a little different - In addition known as alternative wedding pictures - Alternative wedding pictures could probably summarise any type of wedding photography which veers from the norm of proper portraiture, but if you are a bit quirky, and you are wedding favours is set to be a bit unusual, you will need a photographer who fits in using the theme.

So you will need an alternative wedding photographer.