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Wedding flowers normally cost hundreds, sometimes thousands of pounds. But the other day I was in Tesco and spotted a bunch of daffodils for £1, and thought to myself, there must be a cheaper way. And good news, there is.

First things first, find your nearest flower market. If you're based in London or the South East, your cheapest option is New Covent Garden flower market. If that's not convenient, there are plenty of others around. It's in Vauxhall, not Covent Garden.

Make sure you bring cash - a lot of merchants don't accept card. And you'll need a few quid to park.

One thing to keep in mind is that most of the time, the prices won't include VAT, so you'll need to add 20% to everything.

You'll need to get there early. New Covent Garden, for example, is open from midnight until 10am. Most of the other markets are open similar times, or the wee hours of the morning. Your best bet is to get in touch and see when the best time to turn up is.

Don't forget to buy greenery, either. About half you bouquet isn't actually flowers. It's a lot cheaper too, so you can really bulk your bouquets.

In terms of the cheapest options for flowers, my personal favourite is the daffodils and lavender combo. 120 stems of daffodils will set you back about £20. The same amount of lavender will set you back about £30. Add in a bit of greenery, and that's enough for half a dozen centre pieces for well under £100.

Hydrangeas, daisy spray and carnations are all pretty affordable too.